Sustainability is no walk in the park

We know there is no plan B. At Park Cakes, we see it as our duty to champion our environment, supporting the future while helping our business to grow. We’re proud to say that:

The most incredible Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting! Park Cakes Bakery
  • We are a 0% to landfill company

  • Over 70% of our site waste is reused or recycled

  • We've reduced food waste by 20% since 2016

  • 100% of site electricity is now from a certified renewable supply

The Chocolate & Lemon Dribble Cake is beyond any chocoholic's wildest dreams Park Cakes Bakery
  • We've reduced energy usage by 20% since 2016

  • We've reduced water usage by 18 million litres a year since 2017

  • We use 100% sustainably sourced Palm Oil, Chocolate, Soya, and Cardboard

  • We are a member of SEDEX

  • We work with suppliers that match our sustainability values